The Band

JENNY TRILSBACH – Vocals/Double Bass
BEN GALLON – Acoustic Guitar
BEN FISHER – Resophonic Guitar

JENNY TRILSBACH was raised in Essex and from the age of seventeen found herself part of the local music scene playing bass for the 32young 60’s influenced band, Jabberwocky.  After touring up and down the country and across Europe, playing mainly bass and an occasional flute in various other bands, Jenny soon found her voice and her song writing hand.
Voice in tow, she began to set the plans in motion to form a blues influenced outfit. This band was to become Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings, in which Jenny is the main vocalist and double bass player. Her laid bare and honest approach to song writing sets the mood for the band’s raw sound.
As well as being a singer and songwriter, Jenny is a multi instrumentalist –bass, guitar, flute, banjo– and an accomplished doodler of anthropomorphic drawings – she was once a tiny tumbler but alas those days are no more.

BEN FISHER, also raised in Essex, comes from a musical background. With a father who was a session drummer during the 60’s, he was born on the floor of Abbey Road’s famed Studio Two, and would follow this path to become a musician himself. IMG_0673
After tinkering on the drum-kit and a short stint blowing the longhorn in the Swiss Alps, he soon settled on the guitar and became somewhat of a musical vagabond, plying his trade with anything that sparked his interest.
After a phone call from his dear friend Jenny Trilsbach, asking if he’d like to embark on a new project, he has now found a permanent home as one of Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings. Ben plays a mean resophonic guitar, sings backing vocals and his crafted songs and hum-a-long choruses provide an interesting counterpoint to Jenny’s song writing style.
As well as being an in demand guitarist and song writer, Ben is also a well respected and published poet.

BEN GALLON became the final piece of the Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings puzzle.
His prowess as a guitarist, arranger and songwriter, in addition to his sparkling talent for bringing songs to life, has become an essential ingredient in the Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings sound.
Hailing from Suffolk, Ben has been honing his craft on the UK and Europe live music scenes for many years, both as a guitarist and as a much heralded songwriter.
When playing with top UK Bluegrass band Kidnap Alice, he first met Jenny, and this meeting would eventually lead him on the path to becoming one of Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings. Ben plays a groove holding acoustic guitar, sings backing vocals and his song writing style slots neatly between Trilsbach and Fisher.