Regrettably we are unable to play live at the moment but fear not, in the meantime you can sit back in your old comfy chairs and listen to a live concert without even leaving the house. Read on…

Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings have officially released our new album, WHEN WE WERE LIVE, recorded live at MusicStar in Norderstedt, Germany, on our recent tour in Europe.
It is full of energy, passion, laughter, tears, whisky, and the currently rare sound of people gathered together having a great time.

front cover oblong

Please follow the link, click on BUY DIGITAL ALBUM, and download for free, or for anyone that wants to support our music by way of contribution to our virtual busking hat, choose any amount that you would like to pay.

Enjoy here: https://jennywrenandherborrowedwings.bandcamp.com/album/when-we-were-live

Thank you, we are looking forward to being live and lively, as soon as we are able.