A week of gigs in dear old Blighty…

Well, we have had a great week back in dear old blighty, playing our music in fair London town. Thank you, as always, to the great audience that comes out to see us each month at Ain’t Nothin’ But – Blues Bar  13063005_1042660692477112_4151125683148096388_owe so love to play there, and to the wonderful NOLA Bar 12970805_1042660709143777_2798373739845181892_ofor our special intimate monthly gigs with the very best cocktails in all the land, and last but by no means least, the dear Jamboree, we always have such a lovely time playing in your handsome place. Last night we had the pleasure of playing there with Toonah, a brilliant band from France with a stomping sound and lovely friendly folks.
Here’s to happy times.

Here are some more photographs of our gig at Ain’t Nothing But on Wednesday evening… Continue reading “A week of gigs in dear old Blighty…”