WHEN WE WERE LIVE – New live album release

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On May the 11th, Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings will be officially releasing a new album, WHEN WE WERE LIVE, recorded live at MusicStar in Norderstedt, Germany, on our recent tour in Europe.
It is full of energy, passion, laughter, tears, whisky, and the currently rare sound of people gathered together having a great time.
Until May the 11th, to remind you of those happy times, to entertain you during these strange times, and perhaps to introduce you to the wonderful sounds of Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings, we will be offering a free download of our new album, WHEN WE WERE LIVE, and recounting our 26 date tour of last Autumn with a day by day account of people, places, travel and great music. Great Times!
Please follow the link, click on BUY DIGITAL ALBUM, and download for free, or for anyone that wants to support our music by way of contribution to our virtual busking hat, choose any amount that you would like to pay.

Enjoy here: https://jennywrenandherborrowedwings.bandcamp.com/album/when-we-were-live

Album Review – Rootstime – Belgium

Thanks to Rootstime.be for this review of our new album…

Jenny Wren And Her Borrowed Wings
(Creature Records)

by John Van Leersum
November 2019

Jenny Wren and her Borrowed Wings are a trio from Suffolk and Essex, England. They have been on the road for a number of years, and The Girl On The Bike (are you the girl on the bike?) is their third album. I’ve called their music “Acoustic Goodtime Music” because it’s an amalgam of influences like the blues, old-time jazz, folk, country and soul, basically all the parts of traditional Roots music.
Jenny Wren is actually front-cover-onlinecalled Jenny Trilsbach, she plays the upright bass but more importantly she is the voice of the company, and with that she largely determines the sound, since her voice has a very distinct character, raw and powerful but also sometimes soft and whispering. The most striking feature is its vocal range, somewhat smoky and coming from the diaphragm, a bit similar to the voice of Kris Berry, and here and there, a bit of Eartha Kitt. Another defining element in the sound of the group is the resonator guitar by Ben Fisher who is also vocal, the third able participant is Ben Gallon on acoustic guitar and vocals.
All of the songs are from the different group members. One of the biggest compliments that one can give out to the group is the drive and the tremendous enthusiasm with which they bring their repertoire to the listener. The music breathes the atmosphere of the 30s and 40s, without coming across as archaic. They feel just as at home in a laidback tempo as in a swinging shuffle, so plenty of variety.
The standout track on the album is, for me, the song “Hard Blues”, a Blues that could stem from the 30s sung by Bessie Smith or Ida Cox, however, using atmosphere over volume, more in the style of Maria Muldauer, a compelling piece. Also fine is the song “Get Where It Goes”, a slow sharpener that rubs against the Blues, and in which you can clearly hear they are also instrumental, with the beautiful vibrato of the resonator guitar as the icing on the cake.

John van Leersum

Read in Dutch here – https://www.rootstime.be/index.html?https://www.rootstime.be/CD%20REVIEUW/2019/NOV1/CD19.html

Album of the week – The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show

Thank you to The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show for making our new album – The Girl On The Bike (are you the girl on the bike?) his album of the week on his last show, and for playing So Much More and Hard Blues this week.
Cheers Richard, we enjoy listening to you.
You can listen to the show here…

Copies of the new album are available for your purchasing pleasure here…

4+ Stars from the Hot Wax Album Review

Thank you to the Rock Doctor for giving our new album 4+ stars on the Hot Wax Album Review this month…

Jenny Wren And Her Borrowed Wings
(Creature Records)
Hot Wax Album Reviews
by The Rock Doctor
October 2019

Mesmerising percussion-free acoustic blues here for this trio’s 3rd album. Jenny Trilsbach (vocals, double bass), Ben Fisher (resophonic guitar, vocals) and Ben Gallon (acoustic guitar, vocals) play with an intuitive togetherness that works its way right into your heart via your ear canals. You’ll want to drink it all in.front-cover-online

Why blues and roots music that comes back from the UK seems cooler is baffling, but once again that’s the case with Girl On The Bike. Quirky title yes, but seriously excellent playing. Fine guitar work from the two Bens, and Jenny’s slinky bass lines are the back bone on which everything hangs. Her passionate vocals are the star, delivering compelling stories in a way that stick with you.

On first seeing the album cover I wasn’t sure I would like this, but it’s delightfully cool, even without drums. On songs like Balls Mad and I’m Gone they hold nothing back, and a lament like 44 Years is emotionally deep. Perhaps it’s the sparseness of the arrangement and production, the lyrics themselves, or both, but there’s an emotional darkness and weight to Girl On A Bike that will touch you. This is really good.


Take the Rock Doctor’s advice and drink in our new album here…

TONIGHT! The Bear Club

Tonight we are playing at the most wonderful of all, The Bear Club. We love it there and we can’t wait to return for another magical night of live music.
Continuing our album launch tour and celebrating The Bear Club’s 5 year anniversary, it’s sure to be a great night.02.the bear 07.09.19 - uk 2019 poster

TONIGHT! Album Launch Concert

Tonight! Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings celebrate the release of our third album –
The Girl On The Bike (are you the girl on the bike?)
It’s going to be a great evening of original live music, played with feeling in the wonderful setting of the upstairs drawing room of The Betsey Trotwood.

01.album launch betsey trotwood 06.09.19 1

Advance tickets are available here –


NEW ALBUM RELEASE – Available now

Fellow Humans!
For your listening pleasure, we present to you, the new album from Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings –
The Girl On The Bike (are you the girl on the bike?)
Order on Compact Disc or digital download here…
Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings
Creature Records

Original music anchored by acoustic Rhythm and Blues but soaked in the spirit of speakeasys, sing-a-longs, and sunrises.
This is the third album from JENNY WREN AND HER BORROWED WINGS and is made up of eleven songs with unique and powerful vocals and impressive musicianship.
The band play acoustic instruments with an intuitive
togetherness, creating music that defies a pigeonhole.
Influenced from the best parts of the Roots music
tradition but music which is very much of their own making.

Tickets on sale now – Album Launch Concert 6th September

https://jennywrenandherborrowedwings.bandcamp.com/merch/ticket-for-album-launch-concert-06-sep-19-live-performance-of-the-girl-on-the-bike-are-you-the-girl-on-the-bike-at-the-betsey-trotwood01.album launch betsey trotwood 06.09.19 1

On Friday 6th September 2019, Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings will be playing a special album launch concert to celebrate the release of their third album –
THE GIRL ON THE BIKE (are you the girl on the bike?)

The concert begins at 8PM and the audience will be party to a celebratory evening of live acoustic Rhythm and Blues, played Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings style; from tortoise to cheetah speed, and straight from the heart.

Held in the upstairs elegant drawing room of The Betsey Trotwood in London, the evening promises an atmospheric listening performance in an almost acoustic concert setting.