Leigh Folk Festival this weekend…

This weekend come and have fun in the sun at the Leigh Folk Festival, wIMG_4139here Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings will be playing both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 24th – TruLeigh Scrumptious on Leigh Broadway from 12-2pm


Sunday 25th – Busker’s Square Stage at Ten Green Bottles

It’s going to be rather nice…





Live Review, The Next Gig (NL)

The second leg of our Taking A SOUP to Europe tour is complete and the first review is in. Thank you to Richard Waganaar and to Peter and Leni at The Podium café for a magical start to our concerts.

LIVE REVIEW – Phenomenal singing with Jenny Wren and her Borrowed Wings
Podium Café, Peter en Leni, Steendam (NL) – 19/05/2017

Richard Waganaar
 20th May 2017

Behind the stage of Peter & Leni in Steendam, hiding behind her big double bass and her two band members is the almost unnoticed Jenny Trilsbach. However, the people who previously attended a Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings concert know that this is the spot on the stage to keep an eye on. The band is not named after Paul McCartney’s song, but to the Wren, in the Netherlands the Winter King. A little bird with a huge song to match the phenomenal singing voice of Trilsbach. With ‘Out With The Old’ as the first song there is straight away a head scratching moment, where the audience is completely surprised by a voice that contains so much power and emotion while at the same time being raw and melodic. Jenny-Wren-and-her-B-W
Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings are one of those growing brillants that occasionally come from the British Isles to entertain us with their wonderful mix of blues, R & B with influences of country and soul. Strong point is the vocal, but also fine guitar work by Ben Gallon and soundproofing resonator guitar work by Ben Fisher with the trilbach bassist to complete the trilogy. The formation have just released the new album ‘A Soup’ as a sequel to their debut ‘Dead Man’s Hat’. On stage a wonderful mix of both albums and also new songs coming on the yet to be recorded third album of the trio. Strong point is the change, from ultra sensitive to a true party number and from tortoise to cheetah speed. Especially this was an acoustic concert, only enhanced with microphones on stage and no plugged instruments. It made everything even more beautiful. Strong songs like ‘Twisted Nail’, ‘This Song is A Lie’ and ‘Some Big Deal’ brought the concert to an extremely high level early on. Very impressive that this British band was able to hold that high level of energy for the rest of the concert. The love for the music and wishing to share with the audience was at the forefront. The songs were beautifully spoken by the singer and hope was given for the future. A new album is hopefully on the horizon for next year, and with the beautiful ‘Hard Blues’ and ‘Cast out the Snake’ it looks to be another jewel.
As the concert progresses, n
ice were the transitions too. From the delicate and beautiful ‘Days Gone’, then to the atmosphere being spirited off to New Orleans for party number ‘Dead Man’s Hat’. After the sensitive ‘Wooden Nickels’ and the smooth swinging ‘Bumblebee’, the concert was complete. But because the band clearly have so much fun playing together their music and following applause after applause, they returned with the sensitive ‘Until It’s My Time To Go’ followed after the announcement was called out to Peter van Zeijl, can we do another, by ‘Too Tired’ a highlight from their debut album.

A sensationally beautiful concert.


Internationales strassenmusik Festival 2017 Ludwigsburg (DE)

Our third trip to Europe this year will be in just a few weeks time to Ludwigsburg for the Internationales Strassenmusikfestival in the lovely palace gardens.

Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings sind ein spannendes Trio aus England. Sie spielen ihren eigenen Style von Acoustic Rhythm Blues und kombinieren dies mit den besten Parts der Roots Americana. Gefühlvolle Songs kombiniert mit exzellenten Musikern und einer tollen Live Performance. Das sollte man nicht verpassen!

Netherlands bound – Taking A SOUP to Europe 2017

taking A SOUP to Europe 2017.

Next week we will be rather pleased to set sail for the 2nd leg of our Taking A SOUP to Europe tour. We are Netherlands bound and that is always good. First stop is The Podium Cafe for Peter en Leni, we are very much looking forward to our return and especially for Leni’s delicious cooking! We dream of the chocolate surprise…


Back on home soil

We have returned from the first leg of our TAKING A SOUP TO EUROPE TOUR 2017 after having a very fine time indeed. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the venues and kindly folk who fed us, made us 20170331_214202comfortable baskets and especially for inviting us to play. And of course, another thank you to everybody who came out to listen to our music. Wonderful concerts, new friends and memories. Bravo Europe! Bravo!
We have got a few shows up in the big smoke coming up soon and will then be ready for the second leg of the tour where we head to the Netherlands for three more fantastic venues.

Please take a look at our SHOWS page for more information of where we will be next…



 An diesem Wochenende setzten wir für Europa. Zuerst diesen Freitag im mobilen Blues Club in Hamburg aufhören… This weekend we set sail for Europe. First stop this friday at the Mobile Blues Club in Hamburg.