An diesem Wochenende setzten wir für Europa. Zuerst diesen Freitag im mobilen Blues Club in Hamburg aufhören… This weekend we set sail for Europe. First stop this friday at the Mobile Blues Club in Hamburg.

Blues Blast Magazine, USA -A SOUP

‘The band accomplishes a lot with a little…
A nice change of pace from three gifted and imaginative musicians. Rest your weary ears upon the inFRONT COVER for Headed papertricate and often jazzy acoustic guitar play. The band has crafted interesting lyrics to compliment the creative music within. This CD is a welcome relief to the usual electric guitar barrages we have been so used to. Give a listen to this collection of well crafted original tunes. It’s no easy task pulling well done songs out of thin air.’

Creature Records

Reviewer Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony
March 2017
Blues Blast Magazine, USA

Cheers Bluesdog!

Read in full here in Blues Blast’s featured blues review section…

If you would like to take wise old Bluesdog’s advice and take a listen, A SOUP is available on Download and CD Album here…


The Sound Lounge, new venue and Arts Centre

We are going to be playing at a great new venue and arts centre in Tooting in a few weeks time, The Sound Lounge.
Join us for an evening of heart felt live music and support a fine new venture.

“The Sound Lounge is good news for London’s live music scene.. and hope for London’s live music fans” Time Out Magazine

With support from Lilac Sheer.
Looking forward to this one.
Tickets here…



This weekend’s shows

We have two shows coming up this weekend. Tonight we will be returning to the excellent Ten Green Bottles in Leigh-on-Sea and Saturday night we’re at Upstairs at the Red Lion, Manningtree, where we’ll be opening the show for US Bluesman Brooks Williams. Expect a candlelit listening evening of great live music.
Tickets and times below…





A SOUP in Canada

A SOUP found it’s way to Canada! Thank you to Earshot magazine and Steve Marlow for this review…

Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings

A Soup
Creature Records

Some wonderfully inventive things can happen when a distinctly American style of music is interpreted by non-Americans. In this case, it’s classic blues and country. Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings hail from the UK and they bring a UK folk mindset to traditional American blues, folk and country. Whereas classic blues tends to be dour and a bit depressing, Jenny Wren brings a whimsy to the country blues sound of the American past. And American country tends to be about sorrow and heartache, Wren‘s take on country is more playful and uplifting. The subject matter takes on a bit of a British tint too, with blues and country songs about sailors and creeping vines.With just two guitars, plus Jenny‘s vocals and her own upright bass, the music is minimalist but the listener rarely feels like they’re missing anything. There’s even a bit of an old-time jazz swing feel to a number of these songs. A Soup is just their second album, and it’s a satisfying and mature album overall.

FRONT COVER for Headed paper

By Steve Marlow
Jan 3, 2017



Merry Christmas music lovers

Merry Christmas music lovers!
Father Christmas (and Real Roots Cafe in the Netherlands) thinks we’ve been very good this year and gave us a review of A SOUP for a Christmas Day treat.

Here’s the English translation…

Real Roots Cafe, NL 25/12/2016FRONT COVER for Headed paper

A particular slice of London, UK. Jenny Wren (Jenny Trillsbach) plays upright bass and sings with a bluesy, sexy voice. The Borrowed Wings are Ben Gallon (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Ben Fisher (resophonic guitar, vocals). Jenny Wren and her Ben had been a nice name for the group. ‘A soup “is the second CD of Wren and her Bens after’ Dead man’s hat ‘from 2014. All songs are originals, three of Jenny, five gallon and four Fisher. The thirteenth song jointly written. I had my first listens, think of Eilen Jewell, the atmosphere is similar. But Wren and her boys embrace more (rhythm and) blues. And succeed wonderfully in order to come across pleasant. Especially the vocals of Jenny and Fisher guitar making its taste and pleasurable.
A surprisingly nice group, a surprisingly fun CD. For lovers of light rough female voices and tasty rhythm ‘n blues. (Creature Records)