‘Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings deliver a jazzed-up bombardment of rootsy musicianship that effortlessly intertwines with their stripped back earthy core.
The result; a unique and impassioned sound, laid bare and beautiful in its honesty.’

When We Were Live

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WHEN WE WERE LIVE is the latest release by Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings. Their 4th album to date. Recorded live in concert at MusicStar in Norderstedt, Germany.
It is full of energy, passion, laughter, tears, whisky, and the currently rare sound of people gathered together having a great time.

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You won’t find us out and about for a little while longer but in the meantime you can listen to, and acquire the musical catalogue of Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings.
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There are four albums worth of original music for your listening pleasure, played straight from the heart.
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How we love the small hours…

In the absence of live performances, we have been making some cool mix tapes for you, hope you get a crush on us!

playlist image - small hours

Get ready for a late Saturday night sink down, way down into the small hours, with some great late night music.
Hear Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings playing some real ‘Hard Blues’ alongside some other rather excellent artists on our new playlist on Spotify; Small Hours.
Listen, Enjoy and share away!

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Those were the days…

I love this image, it captures those special moments just before going on stage, thinking about our set and feeling great to be performing soon. How we miss it.
Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings can’t wait to be performing again; live, and lively!
Photo was taken before a concert at one of our Germany favourites; The Mobile Blues Club in Hamburg.
In the meantime, if you want to hear our music, it’s all here…

Welcome to the merry month of June!

playlist image - dead man's hat copy…

Why not start as you mean to go on, and listen to some great music. Please follow the link above.
For an hour and a half you can fill your ears with some excellent sounds from the new playlist ‘Dead Man’s Hat’ on Spotify, by Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings, where we tip our own hats to some excellent musical company.

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