4+ Stars from the Hot Wax Album Review

Thank you to the Rock Doctor for giving our new album 4+ stars on the Hot Wax Album Review this month…

Jenny Wren And Her Borrowed Wings
(Creature Records)
Hot Wax Album Reviews
by The Rock Doctor
October 2019

Mesmerising percussion-free acoustic blues here for this trio’s 3rd album. Jenny Trilsbach (vocals, double bass), Ben Fisher (resophonic guitar, vocals) and Ben Gallon (acoustic guitar, vocals) play with an intuitive togetherness that works its way right into your heart via your ear canals. You’ll want to drink it all in.front-cover-online

Why blues and roots music that comes back from the UK seems cooler is baffling, but once again that’s the case with Girl On The Bike. Quirky title yes, but seriously excellent playing. Fine guitar work from the two Bens, and Jenny’s slinky bass lines are the back bone on which everything hangs. Her passionate vocals are the star, delivering compelling stories in a way that stick with you.

On first seeing the album cover I wasn’t sure I would like this, but it’s delightfully cool, even without drums. On songs like Balls Mad and I’m Gone they hold nothing back, and a lament like 44 Years is emotionally deep. Perhaps it’s the sparseness of the arrangement and production, the lyrics themselves, or both, but there’s an emotional darkness and weight to Girl On A Bike that will touch you. This is really good.


Take the Rock Doctor’s advice and drink in our new album here…