A SOUP review – Written in Music,NL

Thank you to Cis van Looy from Written in Music for this great four star review of A SOUP.

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Cis Van Looy
07 november 2016
Written in Music, NL

Two guitars and a bass, with this ‘limited’ toolbox Jenny (Vibration Bach) Wren, an Essex native daughter, and Her Borrowed Wings fill their second recyclable cover packaged album. The acoustic guitars of Ben Gallon and Ben Fisher support the vocals of Wren, which the great bassist personally and enthusiastically grapples and cuddles in thirteen homemade songs composed alternately by Wren and Her Musical companions.

From the first song, A Sailor’s Blues you will get not only impressed that something special is going on. A Sailor’s Blues is a short rhythmic finger picking exercise that paves the way for the magnificent The Leaving, completely in the tradition of forgotten black blue ladies of a bygone age. The folky tune Until It’s Time To Go, pulls Wren’s raw vocal logo-writteninmusic_03_400x400alongside the primitive rhythm of Sick And Tired (unrelated to the eponymous song by Chris Kenner, the R & B shouter from New Orleans) the only song written from the trio together.  Particularly contagious work and that can be said of the swinging ragtime of Don’t Bring Me Down.

Invariably played with inspiration, just listen to the elaborate Sucker On The Vine. Although we listen to Jenny sing somewhere ‘This song is a lie’, we witness this diverse collection of a disarming honesty that lasts more with each listening.

Her first album Dead Man’s hat was seen here shamefully overlooked, that should not happen with A Soup.  This stripped-down piece with an inventive combination of divergent rootsy styles, reflects a timeless allure and instantly creates the perfect occasion for a tour in our region.

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A SOUP IS AVAILABLE NOW ON CD AND DOWNOAD – https://jennywrenandherborrowedwings.bandcamp.com/album/a-soup